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TOCfE (TOC for Education)


“The goal”, the best seller book with 10 million readers which provides valid and fresh view even now. TOC (Theory of Constraints) was introduced in this book.
If we consider “connection” and “variation” of elements which constitute the world, there must exist the relative weak element (constraint). By focusing on this constraint and work on it together causes holistic system. This is the core of TOC.

This simple and powerful theory keeps producing astonishing results not only in the industrial area, but government and non-profit organization. Further it keeps evolving.

Especially, one of the application fields which show the most remarkable evolution is TOC for education fields, and TOCfE (TOC for Education).
It is not necessary to say the educational importance now so that “A school is a future miniature of a country” may be said often.

  • “What is it with education?”

It is the student, lives a full life, I think you can prepare to become adults to take responsibility for his conduct?
Spread through the TOC tool in TOCfE, improving thinking and communication skills, effective
The goal is to dramatically improve the education of students and pupils.

  • Mission and raison d’etre.

Tools and TOC, thinking that the synergy of visionary educators around the world, TOC for Education, Children’s thinking effectively, you can be able to communicate, can dramatically improve children’s education the.

To walk together toward common goals, TOC and education for people of all children to defend, leaving future generations a better world.

  • Code of conduct

The TOC tools, win by thoughtful action never hurt anyone to find a-win solution, was born to perform.

Upon strive towards a goal of dramatically improving education for people involved in education in the TOC, you can use this tool in the intended position of TOC.

  • Founder

“I, for a better world, to make life more meaningful, and we believe that knowledge should be pursued.”

Dr. Eliyahu Goldratt M · is the creator of the Theory of Constraints is the founder of TOC for Education. He, scientists, business leaders, also the author of 10 books and. They have been translated into 23 languages ​​and sold more than 3 million parts. Dr Goldratt, in Business Week magazine, “genius” and by Fortune magazine, “manufacturing guru” was described as. However, millions of kids, Dr. Goldratt for the leaders and they are to be considered by the power of their own, so that they can sense my actions be learned, to take responsibility and that, it’s an educational philanthropy. Dr. Goldratt is win people harmed anyone – by the window so you can find solutions, we hope to leave a better world for future generations. Toward this goal, leaders learn the Theory of Constraints kids and children, as applicable, Ph.D., founded the TOC for Education.

  • Activities of Japan Section

In this page, TOC for Education, TOCfE (Theory of Constraints for Education) summarizes the activities in Japan. Where TOCfE, practice how to introduce or how the results became.

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