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The Goal is about science and education. I  believe that these two words have been abused to the extent that their original meanings have been lost in a fog of too much respect and mystery. Science for me, and for the vast majority of respectable scientists, is not about the secrets of nature or even about truths. Science is simply the method we use to try and postulate a minimum set of assumptions that can explain, through a straightforward logical derivation, the existence of many phenomena of nature.


The Law of Conservation of Energy of physics is not truth. It is just an assumption that is valid in explaining a tremendous amount of natural phenomena. Such an assumption can never be proven since even an infinite number phenomena that can be explained by it does not prove its universal application. On the other hand, it can be disproved by just a single phenomenon that cannot be explained by the assumption. This disproving does not detract from the validity of the assumption. It must highlights the need or even the existence of another assumption that is more valid. This is the case with the assumption of the conservation of energy which was replaced by Einstein’s more global ‒more valid ‒postulation of conservation of energy and mass. Einstein‘s assumption is not true to the same extent that the previous one was not “True”.


Dr. Eli Goldratt

Finally, most importantly, I wanted to show that we can be scientists. The secret of being a good scientist, I believe, lies not in our brain power. We have enough. We simply need to look at reality and think logically and precisely about what we see.


The key ingredient is to have the courage to face inconsistenciesbetween what we see and deduce and the way things are done. This challenging of basic assumptions is essential to breakthroughs.


Progress in understanding requires that WE challenge basic assumptions about how the world is and why it is that way. If we can better understand our world and the principals that govern it, I suspect all our lives will be better.”


Dr. Eli Goldratt, THE GOAL, 1984



  • 引用元を必ず示さないとどうなるでしょうか?
  • 名前を勝手に変えるとどうなるでしょうか?


  • すっと知識が停滞していたらどうなるでしょうか?




  • サイエンスで色々な教科書や様々な解説書が世の中で出ているのと同じです。
  • サイエンスの論文では、必ず参考文献の引用があり、自分が加えたオリジナル部分と、先人が作り上げた部分を明確にしているのと同じです
  • サイエンスに限らず、引用する場合は、引用先の相手に確認した方がよいかどうかは、人としての礼儀として(また相手の立場に立って)考えればよいのと同じです。サイエンスでは引用が多ければ多いほど評価されます(もちろん、オリジナルにはコピーライトがあるのは世の中の常識です)。

以上の事柄は、2013年2月13日 京都大学で開催されたシンポジウムで合意されました。

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